New York City Feral Cat Initiative
A Happy Ending Meets Speedy at the Finish Line!

Initially a victim of a wild chase, incarceration, mistaken identity, and a respiratory infection, Speedy’s life is now a lot calmer.

Speedy, an eartipped cat, was originally found racing around on the street near 50th and 10th in a panic (hence the name Speedy) before being cornered, crammed into a carrier, and taken to Animal Care & Control of NYC (AC&C).

Fortunately, eartipped cats arriving at AC&C are held while attempts are made to reunite them with their colony and caretaker. With the zip code of the intake location, Neighborhood Cats uses the managed feral colony database to notify caretakers nearby and sends out pictures of eartipped cats arriving at AC&C. Despite the wrong zip code listed at his intake, Urban Cat League tracked him down and retrieved him through AC&C’s New Hope program, thinking he was probably Angel, a cat who lives as part of the Lower Riverside Park colony near 50th Street among the rocks along the Hudson. Upon observation by UCL, however, it became clear that he was not Angel, but another mystery cat — perhaps a TNR’ed deli cat, only semi-feral?

A cat-savvy and generous person agreed to foster him, but only after Speedy recovered from an upper respiratory infection. Having renamed him Errol (after Flynn and Garner), his foster caretaker agreed to adopt him, and he is getting along well with everyone else in the household.

One more happy ending against all probable odds!   

At first, Urban Cat League thought that Speedy might be Angel, a cat who lives in the Lower Riverside Park colony.

Renamed Errol, Speedy has been adopted by his foster caretaker and is enjoying life with his new family.